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"Global aims to facilitate the high volume production of environmentally friendly horizontal and vertical structures with particular attention to satisfying the current unrelenting market demand for housing and general construction markets. Our Company offers a cohesive bundle of interlinked innovative 'market accepted' concrete technologies to save time and money."






Global Alliance WLL, is a state of the art integrated Green construction technologies innovator and projects solutions provider. As a private holding Company, Global is lead by a team of Architects, Engineers, and Investment Banking professionals. The combined .......... Read More




Global offers an advanced turnkey concrete building system that consists of proprietary high tech concrete mix designs, system formwork, concrete tensile and compressive steel and ploymer reinforcement, casting and curing techniques, insightful ............. Read More



OC-GREEN™ Building System components collaborate to generate an unparalleled smooth and proactive jobsite progress characterized by massive reduction in labor, smooth trade’s movement, flawless project sequencing,

uninterrupted horizontal .................. Read More